Developmental Profiles
Donations Needed
We are officially open and even passed our first DSS inspection!  We also will begin participating in scholatic reading program:
The P8LPQ is our code, use this to recieve your books at the correct school and give our school points for fee books!
Ever wonder if your child is where they should be developmentally?  With our developmental portfolios you will never have to worry, you will know what we are working on at school, and how you can help at home.
Any gently used children's toys &/or furniture donations needed.  In special need of small outside toys.
My Approach
Hello, I am Raquell.  I have my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Curriculum Instruction; plus over ten years experience as a preschool teacher.  I utilize Creative Curriculum and developmental portfolio's to help your child meet and exceed their developmental milestones.  Your child will be in a nurturing, learning environment in my care.  He/She will feel loved and important, building their self-esteem and helping them gain confidence in their abilities.  I love a child's Aww-Haa moment when they finally figure out something they've been working on and will stive to help your child do that everyday!