About Me
My name is Raquell Cronin. My childcares mission is to provide a nurturing, learning environment for your little ones.
I have my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Instruction. I also have over 10 years experience working with ages 6 weeks through 12 years in licensed childcare centers. I believe highly in Creative Curriculum which follows the research that "Children Learn Through Play." I teach through learning centers and have the experience and knowledge to help your little one reach and exceed their developmental milestones.
I am committed to delivering the highest quality education and care possible to children aged 6 weeks through 5 years while making your child's day as fun as possible.  My goal is to go above and beyond DSS sugested standards for home childcare centers.  Everyone that will ever care for your child will have current CPR/First Aid certifications, bloodeborne pathegons training, TB tests, and a minimum of 5 clock hours of early childhood training a year.   
I greatly respect that you are your childs first and most important teacher.  Communication between you and I is vital to maintain contenuity requarding your child's education.  Please do not hesitate to come to me with any questions, suggesstions, concerns, etc. you might have.  My goal is for us to work together to prepare your child for Kindergarten.
A little about my personal life: I have been married to my husband for three years and we have a handsome little daredevil of an 18 month old. I am also an animal lover and we do have two miniature boxers. They are very good with children, ours tries to ride them like horses.  They will be in another part of the house during operating hours, however, if your child has allergies to animals/dogs my childcare might not be the place for you.  
The Team
  1. Raquell Cronin
    Raquell Cronin
    Owner, director, and lead teacher. I am who will primarily give care to your children. More about me is listed above.
  2. Hugh Cronin
    Hugh Cronin
    I am Raquell's supportive husband. I work food and beverage so I am home some mornings. On days I am in the center I will primarily be your child's chef. I will help prepare meals and might take my child on a field trip freeing Raquell up to give your child even more one-on-one attention.
  3. Emergency Person
    Emergency Person
  4. Ares and Enyo
    Ares and Enyo
    We are the well behaved miniature boxers you've heard about. Your child will hardly ever see us, and once we get to know your voice you will hardly ever hear us. We will stay in different parts of the house during operating hours, we are very good with children, but our tails can be hurtful which is why we will stay away. After operating hours we do join the family so our fur is all over. If you or your child is allergic to us we are very sorry but this might not be the center for you. Raquell will be very happy to help you find one just right for you and your family.